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Advisors offer their contacts and knowledge about customers to Associates.


Advisors create leads, arrange introductions, explain customer organization and processes, etc.


Advisors will be directly compensated by Associates with a pre-negotiated percentage of commission on a future sale that was supported by the Advisor.


As a guideline we recommend the following split of the commission amount that the Associate will earn as a result of the support by the Advisor:


  • 10% for a personal introduction to a potential customer

  • 15% for a personal introduction to a potential customer who has an active project that fits the product portfolio

  • 20% for additional guidance and support into the prospect´s organization and procurement processes

Valesco Ventures should be kept informed via email about the agreement and activities between the Advisor and Associate.


Valesco Ventures will regularly survey and share the quality and amount of activity of members within the VSC community.


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