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If you don´t get it right from the start it will just get harder as you grow!

Expand Internationally

Accelerating growth and global market presence

Once companies have proven that their business idea fulfills a customer need, have established product market fit and won their first references,  the focus shifts to Go-to-market execution.


It is now the field organization that determines how quickly vendors scale and grow.
The fate and valuation of companies depend on their growth velocity and level of profitability.


While our portfolio companies stay focused on their Core market in North America, we invest into, build and manage their international sales teams.


The Valesco effect:
We utilize our own global Sales Force and established relationships with Channel Partners as well as IT Innovators of Fortune´s 1000 Enterprises to provide an immediate market presence in major global markets.


At Valesco Ventures we uniquely combine capital investment with hands-on management. We invest into the building of go to market “engines” and build them for our portfolio companies.The result: accelerated growth and improved profitability.

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